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Other Restaurants L lee-si-min May 07, 2014 320
Great ambience, pricey, average coffee
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After my CCA mate and I had a disappointing experience at One Man Coffee (refer to my review on that), we found November 8 well-hidden in a corner of Upper Thomson. Once again, we were disappointed... it was like a day of cafe-hopping between disappointing cafes.

The ambience of the place was really nice though. It was spacious, with art on the walls and a cosy corner with a sofa, a tv and a guitar. The design on the glass door was really nice too. It wasn't crowded when we went and I thought it would be a really good place to study - just not to dine.

We were hoping to get a proper meal after our Trauma-At-One-Man-Coffee and so we entered November 8 and took a look at the menu, which was nothing more extensive than the one at One Man Coffee. It was just a page long and there wasn't much variety. Furthermore, most of the main courses were about $16-$20. We both just ended up buying a latte, which was okay but not particularly good.

I'd recommend this place to those who seek a place to relax but not to those who go for food over ambience.

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