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Authentic Malay Food!
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This is one of the place that you can get local and authentic Malay food in the central of Singapore. It is actually located near Arab Street, just a few roads down but a little inside.

They serves many dishes from Nasi Padang to Mee Rebus and even Kueh. Their Nasi Padang is what most people craves for as there is a wide selection of dishes to choose from. If you come in a group, you can eat on your own plate or pick out many dishes and share together. The price for one dish varies, depending on what type of dish you choose. If you are a seafood lover, it will be slightly expensive than beef or chicken. They do have vegetables and other dishes too.

Well particularly for my review, this restaurant serves a very nice Tahu Goreng (Fried Tofu). I wasn't a big fan of Tahu Goreng but when i first tasted this from them, it's too addictive that i could finish up a big piece of Tahu Goreng just to myself. It's not really a normal size of tofu but it is bigger. What is addictive is the eggs being smeared on top of the tofu and this particular sauce they are using. The sauce is actually a sweet black sauce but it's different from other sweet sauce because it doesn't taste too sweet. As you know tofu is soft and has a very smooth texture, the sweet sauce will absorb into it and it will leave your taste bud craving for more.

It is like eating an ice cream that melts in your mouth. Worth trying it!

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Tahu Goreng
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