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Malay Restaurants F farshafarsha April 01, 2012 452
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Awesomely wide range of food to choose from, although focuses on traditional malay dishes. it is constantly filled with customers and should be so given the great tasting food they serve. it is the sort of restaurant where one can get a home cooked meal, although it is in fact a restaurant. Their nasi padang allows you to choose what you love best and it is good whether you dine in or have it taken away. Its siput sedut [a type of shell fish, seafood dish] is really addictive and its gravy goes very well with plain rice or any sort of main dish you order. It is not too spicy hence caters to non spicy eaters as well and makes it easier for foreigners to have it a go. And although it may seem too rich [cooked in coconut milk] and fattening, it is worth every slurp.

Another lighter dish as compared to nasi padang that i'd recommend would also be the mee rebus which really is a delight to have. Customers of all ages can enjoy eating there and since it is situated somewhere in Geylang, it is little wonder why it is rather popular with the masses, especially after a day out at the nearby market. Despite its kampung style concept, it is rather clean and very efficient. There is a lift accessible and my grandma didn't even have to get up from her wheelchair just to get to the second floor.

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