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For a traditional and authentic Malay experience in food, Hajjah Maimunah easily comes tops in the rankings. With its food selection that is mostly of kampung dishes, the variety also includes traditional kueh which are unique for the Malay culture.

Among all the dishes available, one prominent dish that cannot be missed out is the Sambal Goreng. With all its various forms-some include beef lungs and beef liver, the necessary ingredients are beef, fried tofu and green beans. The Sambal Goreng here is not too spicy, neither is it too dry. In other words, it is perfectly seasoned, good enough to be eaten just with plain rice. Not only that,the Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken) and Asam Pedas (spicy asam fish) are dishes to die for!

However, the outlets are not that easily accessible, say for instance the outlet at Jalan Pisang, its located at the Kampung Glam conservation area, so you would have to alight at Bugis MRT station and walk down further Arab Street to reach your destination. A typical walk would take an average of 15minutes. Of course, a good point to derive is that it simply stimulates your hunger further as you are on your way!

The restaurant does have a homely ambience, which is perfect for family gatherings and dinners. Since it is quite crowded during weekends at dinner hours, it’s advisable to go there slightly earlier to get your seats secured. So do enjoy the Malay experience as soon as possible!

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