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Chir Chir
Korean Restaurants J jaslinetan September 10, 2018 147
The perfect place for your chicken cravings
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Sometimes you just find yourself in one of those days where the only thing that you’re craving is fried chicken. Korean fried chicken, to be exact. Chir Chir is the place to go. It serves all sorts of fried chicken. A lot of it. Spicy chicken? Check. Garlic chicken? Check. Chicken and cheese? Also check. Something called Vampire Killer chicken? Check and check.
I love spicy food, (because I live life vicariously on the edge) so their Spicy Chicken was perfect for me. And it’s exactly that. I’m not kidding when I say it stays true to its name. It is really spicy. Imagine McSpicy but McSpicier. With belacan. And some ghost peppers. And literal fire. In case you didn’t catch that: It’s hella spicy.
But maybe you’re less masochistic and you want to try something else. Oh, you want roasted chicken? They have that too. There’s also chicken salad to boot so don’t you doubt what kinds of chicken dish Chir Chir can provide. And it’s not just that it has a wide variety of chicken dishes. Their portions are ridiculously big too. You’ll definitely want to come with a group of friends. But if you’re really hungry and don’t want them to see you gorging on all that chicken then, by all means, go forth young padawan.

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