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Japanese Restaurants F farshafarsha April 16, 2012 123
Good Sandwiches
(Updated: September 10, 2013)
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I've been looking forward to try this place for quite a while, especially after my prof invited its pretty pretty owner for a talk during one of our Marketing classes. You can smell the soft vanilla scent the moment you step into the place, and it was a comforting and mild one. You grow used to the smell after like 10 seconds though and don't smell it anymore, lol.

Anyway. Because my friend has been here before and didn't speak too positively about their pastas, I decided to try something else. Settled for their Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich! Their picture of a panini sandwich got me hooked immediately, so to say. Paninis over ciabatta or sourdough, anytime. It was a wholesome sandwich with a flavorful pulled pork - nothing to complain about, really. A satisfying lunch! I'm not too sure what marinate they used, but it was just a tad tad too salty (tomato base, maybe?) actually. Still great overall, reminds me of something my grandmothers would have cooked for us.

My friend got a smoked salmon egg mayo sandwich, which looked equally appetizing. It was pretty good too according to her!

Verdict: Panini sandwiches over Pasta!
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