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Japanese Restaurants K kremekitten October 02, 2013 448
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This is one of the more popular Japanese restaurants in town. The snaking queues can be seen at even at off-peak hours!!! I've heard A LOT about this place so I went down one day, joined the queue and waited for about 30 minutes or so. The whole place is really small and has limited seating, which explains the long queue. The seats are placed very near to each other and I would think that some people might find it uncomfortable. It was ok for me though just that it was hard to move around or shift lol.

My friend and I ordered the super raved salmon aburi, some sashimi slices and green tea. If you want proper green tea, order the hot one! Pokka canned green tea is their equivalent of "cold green tea" lol I was a little shocked when I saw the Pokka can but I needed that drink *_*

Sashimi slices are SUPER THICK. Much much thicker than what you usually get in Sushi Tei or Itacho Sushi. If you've been to Chikuwa Tei, the slices are are about the same thickness as those there. Great, fresh sashimi!!! The salmon aburi was disappointing though... the top part lacked that aburi "smell".. I don't know. The rice was kinda hard as well. Maybe cos of the high expectations I had beforehand, I was really underwhelmed by the "famous" salmon aburi. I feel that this place is realllllly overrated but I understand that there are a lot of people who swears by their aburi so if you are an aburi fan, you can still go ahead and try it but don't get your expectations too high up :)

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