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Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1006
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Sushi Tei evokes fond memories from my JC days. I love the Japanese styled decoration in the restaurant. It has a very traditional vibe to it, making it a very pleasant place to dine in. I especially love the semi-private 'rooms' with partitions on the 2nd level in the Serangoon Garden branch. Not only is it ideal for a cozy gathering, it also allows us a little privacy away from the crowd.

The sushis served at Sushi Tei are superbly fresh and delectable. Not only that, they are all of a generous portion. It would be good to visit as a group as it would be impossible to savour the wide variety of sushis they have to offer unless you share them with friends. My favourite sushi dish from Sushi Tei is the Phoenix Roll - sushi topped with unagi and avocado. There was also another dish we tried of which I forgot the name, but it had mango on it and surprisingly, the mango and sushi went delightfully well together! For those who are keen on more fulling meals, Sushi Tei offers a wide array of ramen and bentos as well.

Sushi Tei is a popular and known restaurant in Singapore, and despite its numerous branches, it is often full-house on weeknights and public holidays, so it would definitely be wise to call and make reservations prior to going.

Also, prices can run pretty steep, but it is a great value for money in my opinion. If you are craving for quality sushi, Sushi Tei will be sure to satisfy you like a king.

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