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Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1006
One of my favourites
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If I were questioned about my favourite Japanese restaurant (mainstream, of course), I would say Sushi Tei in a heartbeat. Price of Sushi Tei is slightly more expensive than the other Japanese chain restaurants in Singapore, but a few more dollars for quality food will always be worth it.

Sashimi that Sushi Tei offers is undoubtedly fresh, and serving is rather generous. I would wolf down a couple plates of salmon sushi before I start on my favourite dish — the Udon (Niku, Tempura, plain, whatever!). Don’t be deceived by the unimpressive clear broth of the dish, the soup is extremely palatable and sweet. The soup of Niku Udon tends to be oilier, so order the plain one to indulge in.

Friends have nothing negative to say about their beef hotpots. I’ve tried it personally but I still prefer my bowl of udon. The ramen, however, is mediocre but as I’m a fan of udon through and through, this doesn’t bother me the slightest bit.

Queues at Sushi Tei get ridiculously long at dinnertime, especially the town outlets. Even the Holland Village outlet is packed at dinnertime. This is expected so it would be good to have late lunch or early dinner to avoid waiting.
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