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Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1384
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Sushi Tei is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Singapore that is known to serve quality food in a great ambience. The setting of the restaurant has quite a Japanese influence, with wooden tables and seats and decorations that add to the entire Japanese feel of the place.

Staff are usually very attentive and efficient and even though most of the times that I visited Sushi Tei were during peak hours, our orders came very quickly and new orders that we made while dining also arrived quite fast.

The presentation and taste of the food is more authentic than most casual Japanese diners. Because of this higher quality, you will also notice that the prices at Sushi Tei are slightly higher than other more casual Japanese restaurants (for example Sakae Sushi). However, you pay for what you get and at a slightly higher price, you get food and service of higher quality.

I would suggest dining at Sushi Tei during off peak hours if possible. The queue can get quite long during peak hours and you can expect to wait up to 25 minutes for an available table. Also note that they do not take reservations. One thing you can do is to request for the menu while queueing and decide what to eat so that when you are finally seated, you can order right away.

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Chicken Karaage, Spicy ramen, Salmon salad
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