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Sushi Tei Hot
Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1384
Order the Sashimi Salad with Sushi Tei sauce. Do it.
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Sushi Tei is one of those restaurants that serve Japanese cuisine at near-complete authencity, and since young has always been a place associated with treats in my mind.

A must-order is their Sashimi Salad which comes with plump cubes of fresh raw fish. Choose the Sushi Tei sauce and you’ll be presented with a refreshing and tart salad that makes for a perfect appetiser. The Salmon Oyako Spicy Roll is another dish that will please your palate. With plump sushi rice that wraps crispy salmon skin, topped with aburi salmon, every bite promises a texturally engaging experience.

There was once I tried the Tan Tan Don, and I was not impressed. It tasted like normal rice topped with minced meat that you can probably get at a fraction of the price from a hawker centre. Nonetheless, there are many other dishes that make it worth a trip!
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