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Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1384
Tasty Japanese Fare of Phenomenal Quality
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My family and I recently tried Sushi Tei for the very first time. We'd never felt compelled to dine here previously because the prices seem rather exorbitant, but we're all so glad to have tried it and the food turned out to be well worth the money.

You can't go wrong with a nice bowl of ramen of Japanese curry rice, but I'd suggest having more fun with the sides and ordering something new and exciting. We got ourselves the pork belly wrap deep fried with crunchy vegetable strips and plenty of hot, oozing cheese. It was so sinfully good.

For desserts, go for the cute and yummy ice cream, red bean and shiratama balls sandwiched in a pretty biscuit shell. The ice cream flavour and quality was top notch! I was very impressed indeed.

Sadly, the service quality does tend to drop a bit especially when it gets hectic during peak hours of the day. I don't blame them though, the crowds can get rather out of hand and it can be a frazzling experience so I'd cut them some slack and just focus on enjoying the wonderful food.

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Interesting sides that taste great, good for sharing!
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