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Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1384
Affordable, tasty Japanese food
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It's no secret that Sushi Tei is my family's favourite Japanese restaurant. The food is affordable, quality is consistent and service is efficient (most of the time, at least). Compared to other family-friendly Japanese chains that I shall not name, Sushi Tei is definitely a level higher.

I always get the same few dishes when I visit. Every three months, Sushi Tei launches a seasonal promotion menu in line with what produce is fresh and in-season. Currently, they have their Winter Hokkaido 2013 menu, and we ordered the Penthouse Salmon Roll ($12) which was a avocado, salmon and egg roll. The salmon was lightly torched, reminiscent of aburi salmon, and we opted for no wasabi mayo because we are wasabi-wimps.

I ordered a warm Sansai Soba ($10). The soba noodles were decent, not as good as Shimbashi Soba, but tasted alright in a salty shoyu soup base. It was served warm with Japanese mountain vegetables which I honestly do not know the names of, but were cooked well and had a nice crunch. The portion of noodles was very generous, and I couldn't finish it.

Teriyaki Chicken ($8) took a while to arrive, but it was executed decently. The chicken thigh was freshly grilled and had delicious char marks, but we could taste that the chicken had been frozen and thawed. That's to be expected of a chain restaurant though, and I have nothing against frozen meat.

The only thing I can fault Sushi Tei with would be that they don't have sets that come with soup, appetizer, rice, main dish etc. like their competitors, but it's not something I pick on, especially when their a la carte dishes are executed relatively well for the price point. It's worth noting that the homegrown brand has expanded overseas as well, such as to Indonesia and Australia, and are doing quite well.

Overall, a very affordable, family-friendly Japanese chain that serves up decent food. Nothing spectacular or super authentic, but definitely enough to satisfy a hungry stomach.

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