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Japanese Restaurants K keithlee April 17, 2012 1006
Best sushi place!
(Updated: May 08, 2012)
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Sushi tei is one of my favourite places to go to to enjoy authentic tasting Japanese cuisine even though most of the cooks there are not Japanese. I frequent the outlets at east coast park and raffles city and I have to say that I love the ambience there. The dull brown décor and dimmed lights just makes the entire dining experience so much more tranquil and even slightly romantic. The sushi served there are really fresh. I prefer to order the sushi rather than grab them off the conveyor belt as it would be fresher. I would ALWAYS order the beef kaminabe with miso soup base.

Filled with a generous amount of golden mushrooms, toufu and cabbage, I just realized that I could ask for a refill for the miso soup too! Beef slices are cut to the right thickness too and are really tender. I usualy go for their dons. Chicken katsu don is awesome! They are always generous in their toppings such as onions and sauce. For dessert, I love the pinos, which is a plate of 6 little chocolate balls with ice cream in it. If that’s too little for you, the ice cream waffle is awesome too! Will always prefer sushi tei to sakae sushi!

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