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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 751
Sushi for the budget conscious, on the go
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If you are looking for a place with free flow hot green tea and cheap sashimi on the fly, look no further. Sushi Express is the McDonalds of Japanese cuisine - when there’s no queue. With the average lunchtime crowd at Westgate, you may sometimes have to wait a few minutes for a seat. Whenever the open a new outlet and have a $1 per plate promotion, the queue can get crazy, the entire length of Jurong Point 2 crazy.

My favourite dish is the Aburi Salmon. They don’t always have it, and it's usually gone almost as soon as it hits the belt. So I’ve tried many ways to get more aburi. The best is to ask the staff nicely, and they may get the kitchen staff to start making some. Otherwise just wait for the telltale smell of aburi in the works, and pounce when they appear. By pounce I mean shamelessly stand outside the kitchen window to receive the fresh plates before it even touches the belt. Aburi is best eaten hot.

Aside from the sashimi and the aburi salmon, my other favourites are Hana Maki and the chocolate cake. Nothing that will blow you away, though satisfying nonetheless. Also, during peak hours they may choose to enforce their 40min time limit. Either way the seating arrangements don’t encourage staying. They mostly have bar seats that don’t make for good conversation and their tables pretty cramped.
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