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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 751
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As the restaurant's name suggested, Sushi Express is a place where one can quickly satisfy their sushi craving at just $1.50 per plate of sushi. I reckon it's the perfect restaurant for shopaholics like me to take a meal break in between a crazy shopping spree especially during this GSS season.

At $1.50 per plate, don't expect top quality food on the little pink plates going around the restaurant. If you’re a true foodie looking for an authentic sushi bar, this is not your place. To work with the selling price of each dish, the quality of the food is rather low with little to no taste. This is a place for one to fill one’s stomach instead of satisfying one’s palate. Oh, and definitely the place to binge eat Singaporeans’ favourite salmon sashimi without burning a hole in your wallet.
The duration of the meal can take as little as 15 minutes. Dining there for one hour would feel like two. It’s perfect for busy people who just wants to get a quick meal.

Of course due to its low prices and convenience, there's always a long queue up front. Hence, I suggest having a go at Sushi Express during off-peak meal periods.

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