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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 751
Ridiculously overrated - do NOT oversell.
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When I first decided to try Sushi Express, it was because the people around me who have tried it were raving endlessly about it.

"$1.50 per plate of sushi only!" "They have ALL types of sushi" "Their $1.50 plates include Ikura!"

So I decided to try it. I visited the CityLink Mall outlet at around 3pm. My experience was so torrid that to continue this review in prose would be to give it undue credit. Here are three reasons why it was so bad:

1) The food was stale. This was because I visited at the period of 3pm where there was no queue. Good, right? No. Because the food the served to us was food made two hours ago that people didn't want to eat. They didn't even bother to make a fresh batch, and honestly why would they? They're a budget sushi restaurant.

2) The food was bad. Even when it wasn't stale, it was just bad. Ikura Sushi had always been my favorite type of sushi but over at Sushi Express, I'm not even sure if they're using the real thing or if they're using 7 day old Ikura to top their sushi. The worst part? They're not even generous with their poor-tasting Ikura. Less than half of my Gunkan Sushi was covered with it.

3) It gave me food poisoning. I don't think there's a need to further explain.

For some absurd reason, I decided to return to Sushi Express when they opened in Tampines. This new outlet only presented a whole new array of problems.

1) It was crowded. It was so crowded. Your personal space is nonexistent. You can hear the conversations going on at the table in front of, beside, and behind you. Except that there are only three tables. And you're probably seated at the counter seats.
2) 40 Minute time limits apply. So you can't enjoy your food either. You have to eat and get out. Move along the production line.

But the bottom line, after two bad experiences at sushi express is this: it certainly isn't that worth it, unlike what people may be saying. Sure, I came out feeling full, but also feeling violated - the quality of their sushi is akin to sushi takeout at 10pm: not fresh, and certainly without quality. Furthermore, at $1.50 per plate, it rounds up to $1.75 nett approximately which is at best a few cents cheaper than other sushi restaurants with more quality. If you want to opt for quick, cheap sushi, you have a better chance eating at outlets like Umi Sushi, Men Men Don Don, or even Supermarket Sushi sections.

Hence, I have only two words to sum Sushi Express: stay away.

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