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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 751
Sorely lacking in variety!
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Sushi Express markets itself as a fast sushi chain, with each plate going for only $1.50. While this concept may appear desirable when compared to the other numerous Japanese restaurants in Singapore with significantly higher price ranges, the reality is that what Sushi Express has to offer in affordability, it direly lacks in variety.

Given that there was a time limit given to each group of customers, the conveyor belt was uncomfortably scarce. And after watching the conveyor belt for 15 minutes, I was pretty dismayed to find that the variety of sushi offered was so limited, and the sushi on the conveyor belts were probably all that I was going to get. I settled for a few plates of boring crab meat sushi and salmon sashimi.

The crab meat sushi was a little too stiff and bland for my liking, and the sashimi certainly isn't as fresh as the ones you'd be able to find at other sushi restaurants.

However, it is undeniable that Sushi Express offers a rather affordable restaurant dining experience - with the total bill coming up to less than $10 per person. That being said, Sushi Express seems a little overhyped to me, since you can probably find a more extensive variety of sushi at similar prices in Cold Storage or NTUC.

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