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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 751
Fresh too for its price!
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Sushi for $1.50 per plate seemed too good to be true. Initially I was doubtful when my friends suggested having Sushi Express for dinner. We went to the 313@Somerset outlet and at 6pm, there was already a short queue outside. Thankfully, we only waited for 15 minutes before we were seated.

My friends went crazy and ordered about 5 plates of salmon sushi. I did not want to try the salmon sushi in the beginning as I only take fresh raw salmon slices. And a $1.50 for a plate of salmon sushi didn't sound convincing. After much persuasion from my friends who began digging into the salmon pieces, I decided to try. And I was truly taken aback! The raw salmon is indeed fresh and delightful! There wasn't the slightest fishy smell and it simply melted in my mouth. I fell in love.

The other sushis were as good and fresh too. For $1.50 and for quality like that, I think I found my favorite sushi chain. When we finished our meal, the queue outside was snaking. And I could definitely understand why so.

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