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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 751
$1.50 wow?
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Each plates of Sushi for only $1.50?
Yes. As compared to other sushi restaurant, this makes Sushi Express stands out. Being an avid lover of Japanese food, my friend bought me here. I came to the store slight earlier than the dinner time (5.30-6pm) and there are still many people. Seem like everyone is really attracted to this price. Okay. So ITADAKIMASU.

We began eating and the first thing that I saw was desserts. I’m like WOW; there are desserts on the conveyor belt. Cheesecake, Mochi, Pudding. Instead of eating desserts, I focus on my sushi. Raw salmon, Ebi, Unagi, Raw Octopus. Hmm, I find that the rice lack some vinegar (just don’t find it strong enough). Stop at 7 plates and decided to leave.

Oh and something that I wanted to point out, no staff came to help us. We wanted to order certain sushi but no staff came to assist. (Kind of disappointing). At the same time, similar dishes keep appearing on the conveyor belt, we have to wait quite a long time for the dishes that we want to appear right in front of us. I’m unsure whether it is because of the ultra-long conveyor belt or the people in front who took it (I sat at the end corner of the store).

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