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Japanese Restaurants P poppy March 12, 2013 842
Decent quality
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$1.50 for a plate of sushi? No way.

Surprisingly, when I visited, it wasn't very crowded, probably because it was slightly before lunchtime. At only $1.50 a plate, it entices customers - especially students like me - to eat affordable sushi.

The sushi is placed on a conveyor belt and you are just supposed to take the sushi that you want, then pay by the number of plates afterwards. The sushi was decent - not excellent - and the variety wasn't great. Sometimes, a particular type of sushi takes very long to make its way onto the conveyor belt.

One thing to note at Sushi Express - priced at just $1.50 a plate, we tend to go "Aiyah, a few plates only, won't be that much lah..." Before you know it, you would've eaten about 30++ plates of sushi (Approx. $45!!!!). With $45, you can easily buy better quality sushi from somewhere else.
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