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Japanese Food Street in Singapore
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All your favourite Japanese delicacies under one roof - that's what Shokutsu 10 offers Japanese food lovers! Located at Nex, Shokutsu 10 imitates the likes of Japanese food streets and boasts a variety of Japanese delights in the form of ramen, teppanyaki, steamboat, pasta and desserts.

One stall I would recommend is the one that sells dorayakis. Dorayaki is made of two pancakes with filling in the middle. The stall's name is in Japanese but after searching online and asking its staff, I've found that the name of the dorayaki stall is Nankatsu. It is near the main entrance of Shokutsu 10 and you will spot it easily with all the colourful pictures of dorayakis. I love this stall for the very delicious and authentic tasting Japanese pancakes that they sell. They also have three categories of fillings - ice cream, sweet and savoury. I've tried a couple of flavours so far and they all taste really good. What's better is that the pancakes are very affordable considering the size of the pancake and the generous fillings they give! You can also enjoy the process of them making the pancakes as they have an open kitchen concept.

Other stalls worth trying are Kabe No Ana which offers Japanese style pasta, pizzas and baked rice and Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market.

The ambience of the entire place lively yet not overly crowded. It has low lighting and a very Japanese feel with the decorations and styles of food. If you love Japanese culture and food, you should check this place out.

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