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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 256
Japanese pasta!!
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Pasta De Waraku is one of the few stores that serve Japanese pasta in Singapore. It tastes almost exactly the same as the orthodox Italian pasta except that its noodles taste slightly harder and crunchier while their sauces are creamier.

I really like the tomato based pastas served here as the tomato sauce tastes really fresh. (probably used japanese tomatoes?) The extra cream also gives the sauce a smoother texture that is nice to slurp with the noodles! On the other hand, the cream pasta is slightly too creamy for my liking - it leaves a heavy aftertaste for the next hour or so.

The food here aren’t cheap but neither is it expensive. I would recommend students to visit the restaurant during lunch on a weekday as I enjoyed a student set lunch while I was dining there.
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