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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 256
Extensive range of pastas
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To be honest, my first reaction upon seeing their large display of pastas was.. to drop my jaw. Yes really. I got so excited just looking at the variety! Everyone loves to have choices, right?

With that many pastas, there's sure to be something for everyone; even vegetarian selects which I'm exceptionally thankful for. I'm not able to eat meat for a period now due to health issues and I crave for so many different kinds of food yet aren't able to eat them because they might be too "indigestible" for me.

Therefore when I came across Waraku, I was just keeling over in excitement! Finally, pastas without meat and the best part is that they taste just as good! I love their Avocado cream pasta, one of my favorites right now.

Their drinks are also much loved- the Matcha Vanilla (Matcha with Vanilla ice cream). That has got to be the best combination.

The wait for your dishes to be served could get a little lengthy though, probably because they have to source for the ingredients. Too many fridges to contain everything? Hahaha!

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