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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 256
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Before I even patronised Pasta De Waraku I already had an impression formed in my head: The diverse range of delicious pasta display on brighlt lighted glass walls. As a kid I used to scrutinize the displays, wondering if they were fake or real, and until today, I still can't tell.Very effective visual merchandising i must say!

I have tried the two signature dishes, Carbonara and Squid Ink pasta. I loved the Carbonara. It was creamy yet light, and the bacon was in generous portions! At the age of 12, it was the first time i ate runny eggs besides those that came with Kaya toasts! Right now, even as i feel guilty about gulping high cholesterol yolk, it's always an exception for Pasta De Waraku's Carbonara.

The Squid Ink pasta looked horrendously disturbing. "What on earth is that black gooey mash doing on plate?!?" That was my first impression. The taste was surprisingly (and luckily) not as bad as it looks, and had a unique seafood-like flavour. However, the fact remains that I am extremely judgemental about the appearance of food, and hence I am never gonna order that again. (you should try it if you haven't though!)

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