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Comfort food for me
(Updated: December 19, 2012)
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The staples when I visit Pasta De Waraku are: the Corn soup and the Pasta Carbonara.

The Corn soup is served in an interesting tall bowl with a really wide mouth and small base. They provide you with a small metal soup ladle to eat it better with. I like the part where they stir in the milk halfway for you and you can still see circles of it from the surface of the soup. They are very generous with the corn kernels too. The Carbonara is fabulous. Pasta perfectly done al dente, creamy carbonara sauce with strips of smoked bacon and a half cooked egg on top of it. When you mix it all up, every strand of pasta is too precious to waste. I normally use a fork and the soup ladle to eat my pasta because every mouthful is just so good. Wash it all down with a cup of hot green tea and I'll be well satisfied for the day.

With their affordable price range, I would say that there is definitely something for everyone's tastebuds!

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