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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki December 27, 2012 776
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Marutama is a small Japanese restaraunt that specialises in ramen. I recently dined here with a friend and had their ramen with pork-based soup. The soup was really good – fragrant, with a strong flavour that is not overly so. The noodles too, were nice and springy. Also, considering the price, we were actually given quite a few pieces of chashu!

Another dish we had was one of their side dishes – a $5 bowl of rice. I highly recommend this for those who are not that into ramen. It came with meat and vegetables and was overall very tasty! Add on another side dish, and it could easily become a satisfying meal.

The place is quite dimly-lit and the tables and seats are of dark wood, making for a very cosy dining experience. What I didn't like though, was that the tables were too close together. It was just really unsettling and made me feel really holed up. As for the service, it was above average. The staff were polite and sincere, even giving us suggestions as to what would be more affordable, seeing that we were only students.

My friend and I came here during dinnertime, so there was understandably very few empty seats. However, our cramped seating area affected our overall experience. I had a good time here, but hope that if i do visit a second time, I would get a better and more spacious seat!

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