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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki December 27, 2012 772
Ramen Rah Rah!
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I was never a fan of ramen, so when my friend decided to host a birthday dinner here, I wasn’t really keen to turn up actually. Then again, the birthday girl rules for the day.

Ambience in the restaurant was cozy. With dimmed lightings and dark wooden furniture, helps with the visual impact of bringing out the colors of your food.

I was told that the char shu and the tamago was to die for, and we placed double orders for it. Since I wasn’t a ramen specialist, I went for the standard bowl (just in case I really didn’t appreciate it).

I regretted. It was good. The char shu literally melted the moment it touched my tongue, not exaggerating! It has this nicely charred aroma which teases your nostrils too. Now I know why an order wasn’t enough.

The ramen soup base was really well done. The flavor was really intense, one can really taste the efforts put into boiling it. I was also really amazed at how perfectly the tamago was made – their yolk was semi-solid, semi-liquid. Awesome!

On top of that, we also ordered gyozas to share. It was good too. The gravy that it was served in wasn’t heavily loaded with vinegar, hence we managed to savour the pure taste of the gyozas.

I’m proud to say I’m now a fan of ramen – Marutama Ramen only.

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Char shu, tamago
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