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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki December 27, 2012 776
Good service but average ramen
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Marutama Ramen specializes in chicken soup based ramen, like Tori King. It is a senior of Tori King but I have to admit that I much prefer Tori King's chicken ramen as compared to Marutama. There are 4 types of ramen to choose from and I chose the non-spicy chicken ramen while my friends both had the spicy chicken soup ramen. It was relatively crowded at the Liang Court branch and we waited for a bit before our ramens were being served to us.

My non-spicy chicken ramen tasted average. The chicken broth was light and had a distinct chicken flavor but I was hoping for more oomph, something thicker and more flavorful. It lacked the complexity that I would have liked. The natural sweetness of the chicken stock was also not present. I have heard raves for this ramen place so I was wondering if my taste buds were a little under the weather that day. The noodles were springy and its texture reminded me of instant noodles. You can still tell the difference but when inside the mouth, it made me feel like I was eating instant noodles. Still good tasting noodles though. My friend said that the spicy noodles were not spicy enough. I guess this place is not for heavy tasters, if you are looking for a simple, light and healthy bowl of ramen, you can consider this place. Otherwise, I would recommend Tori King instead for chicken-based ramen.
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