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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki December 27, 2012 772
Ramen is delicious. Service may need some areas of improvement
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Having tried several branches, specifically the ones at United Square and Suntec City, I must say the quality of the ramen is pretty consistent. It is likely that the menu differs slightly from branch to branch, but the ramen menu is the same across all branches.

The standard-101 ramen order will be the Marutama Ramen which consists of two slices of chashu (sliced pork) with a generous topping of spring onions and vegetables, where you have a choice of spicy or non-spicy soup base. I’ve tried all four types of the ramen and they taste about the same to me, so it’s likely to be permutations of the same soup base. The only one that tastes slightly different is Aka-Ramen, which according to them, has some special spices. The soup base is refreshing though as it differs from the usual soy-based or pork-based used in other ramen chains.

My personal favourite is the Tan-Men, as it has a healthy topping of vegetables including cabbage, seaweed and bean sprouts which are blanched just right – not too raw and not too soggy - so that by the time it is served, you can let the vegetables simmer for a while in the soup to soak up the flavour. The soup base is delicious and I tend to slurp up the soup till the last drop. There are two side dishes which I usually order, which are Dashimaki (pan-fried omelette) and Daikon (broiled radish). These may not be available across all branches though. The Dashimaki is a hit-and-miss at times, as it can be over-fried, but when they do get it right, the omelette is served hot with a layered texture that is easy to eat. The quality of Daikon has been consistent so far as it is basically simmered till soft so that you can pretty much taste its natural flavour.

The service is nothing to hound about as they are competent but impersonal - after all, there are only a few items which you can order, so the service staff want to and tend to take orders quickly. Case in point, there was once when the Dashimaki was over-fried till burnt and I requested for an exchange of the item. “No more already. This is our last Dashimaki ” was the answer. So I guess what they were telling me was - take the burnt Dashimaki or leave it. This was lunch time at about 12.45 pm.

If you are one of those who go more for the soup, rather than ramen, then remember to pace yourself while eating, so that you have enough soup to slurp at the end, as they don’t offer any soup refills.

I tend to eat salty and some of my friends have remarked that the soup is pretty salty, but I always ask for the “ramen sauce” which is a salt-based sauce (like soy sauce) that you can drop into almost anything that is on your table, including the ramen and the side dishes. So if you are tired of your usual ramen chain store, then Marutama may offer an ‘oishi’ and refreshing change.
Owner's reply March 11, 2013

Is that so? I've been to many outlets including the ones at Suntec, The Central, Liang Court, and United Square, and I think the service is consistently fine, if not good, especially if there happens to be a Japanese lady boss running the place.

You must have been unlucky enough to catch them on a bad day.

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April 12, 2013
Kinda agree with SpongeBob - only been to the one at United Sq
Don't expect much in terms of service but food is gr8 and ramen portion is generous.
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