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Japanese Restaurants K kuchiki December 27, 2012 772
The real ramen master
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Imagine a bowl of delicious savoury hot chicken soup with springy and smooth noodles, coupled with a seasoned boiled egg that is soft in the centre, soft melt in your mouth char siu and tasty seaweed. Seems like divine food isn't it? Well thats the type of ramen served at this place. The noodles are really handmade and is unique to the usual yellow ramen noodle we see at stalls, and the broth is just that good.

The aosa seaweed is different from normal seaweed, and it can't really be found anywhere else. Do also give the prawn ramen a try, its strongly prawn-flavoured soup will be a delight to prawn lovers. They also serve up delicious sides, from soft chawanmushi, to tasty steamed radish and even pork cutlet which is of a better quality then many other japanese restaurants.

The environment is clean, and service is rather efficient. Do check out the japanese goods like the daruma doll being sold at the counter(united square). When ordering ramen, I usually tell them to not add any negi(spring onions), as I feel it changes the natural taste of the soup too much.

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Central/United Square
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