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Special just for the novelty.
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Don’t shoot me for this, but I’ve never gotten the hype over Maki-San. I cannot consider it sushi, since the rice isn’t even mixed in vinegar, so I don’t get friends who say they are craving sushi and then proceed to Maki-San. That’s not even real sushi!

The fact that you get to customize your own sushi does generate an appeal, but other than that, their prices are rather steep for rolled up rice. However, to be fair, their signature sushi combinations such as Salmon Says are quite tasty. If you choose your own ingredients and it does not taste good, the fault lies on you! Likewise, if you choose your own combination and it tastes phenomenal, good on you!

I like the concept of the store, but unless I was specifically craving Maki-San, its unlikely I will go back on my own accord.
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