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Japanese Restaurants F feeohnah March 01, 2013 3034
Pretty Sushi Rolls and Yummy Salad Bowls
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Most people have heard of Makisan, the designer sushi shop where you customize your very own giant sushi rolls. Their sushi add-ins are freshly prepared, and you can even add fillings like tempura enoki mushrooms and crispy soft-shell crab. It’s only takes a couple of minutes before your sushi roll is packed into a colorful box adorned with sushi motifs. You’ll feel like you’re opening a present as you start to unwrap your sushi!

Although they are more famous for their sushi rolls, I always get their salad bowls whenever I visit Makisan. With base options from soba to sweet potato glass noodles, along with a variety of toppings such as grilled veggies and teriyaki chicken, Makisan’s salad bowls are filling and fun to eat. Pick the healthier options of steamed shrimp and edamame, or go crazy with the tempura batter crunch.

Priced at $9.90 for a Mega San Sushi Roll or Big San Salad Bowl, Makisan is one of my go-to places for a quick takeaway or a simple satisfying lunch. There’s something at Makisan for everyone, whether you are an eat-clean addict, or a fried food junkie.
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