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Maki-San Hot
Japanese Restaurants F feeohnah March 01, 2013 3034
Make your sushi and eat it too
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Not only a pretty sight to look at, but pretty good to eat too! I’ve always admired the cute packaging and the aesthetic of the sushi that comes with it, and although I’m not particularly fond of sushi, I knew I had to try Maki-San once in my life.

Customizing your own maki or salad actually takes some skill - a wrong ingredient might make your sushi taste strange and unappetizing. I was conservative with my choices, but eventually, my sushi was dry and tasteless, and drenching it in soy sauce didn’t help much. It wasn’t too bad though, and I wouldn’t mind coming back just for practice!

Lack of experience would be exactly what ruins your experience, but overall, Maki-San is a fun lunch. Servers are also generous with the rice and ingredients, so you’d be able to get your fill here.
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