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Maki-San Hot
Japanese Restaurants F feeohnah March 01, 2013 3118
Subway-style Sushi
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Maki San lets you build your sushi from a range of ingredients, letting you select a few of each type, depending on your desired size, Little or Mega San. I always go for Mega San so i can choose more ingredients.

The also have an option for you to fry your sushi, but it really shouldn’t exist. For the extra cost it could actually make your sushi worse. You have to think through your ingredients carefully, as sashimi inside a fried sushi is just such a waste.

Pro Tip: Maki San sushi is also served in a really cute box that you could repurpose as a pencil box. There are a variety of designs to if you go with a group you could trade around for patterns you like.
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