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Japanese Restaurants F feeohnah March 01, 2013 3118
Yummy Maki in my Tummy
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I finally tried Maki-San today and got it off my bucket list! Well it is not exactly on my list but it almost felt that way because I have always wanted to try but never got to do so till now.

The long awaited first bite was definitely very satisfactory. What is so enticing about Maki-San is the fact that you get to customize your own masterpiece. I choose brown rice because you do not get to have it at other sushi outlets and the plus points of eating healthy! They have an interesting sauce name Ponzu (some kind of Japanese Citrus Fruit), so I decided to give it a try. The sauce is quite light, so I was not able to taste it but it has a unique fruity scent.

The sushi masters were efficient in delivering the yummy goods, keeping their hungry customers happy. There are also lovely 3D sushi figurines and descriptions on the interior walls of the shop, making the whole outlook very cheerful.

I will not hesitate to go for another round of Maki-San, which is not just a treat to the eyes (with their beautifully designed boxes) but also a treat to the stomach! :D

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Everything (cause sushi)
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The Cathay
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