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Makin' Maki
(Updated: October 24, 2014)
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When I first heard about Maki-san, I immediately knew I had to try it. I have a special place in my heart and stomach that is reserved for sushi, so sushi that I can customize myself sounds perfect. Plus, the boxes they arrive in are so colourful and cute! I know of many people that keep the box when they're done with the meal, whether to turn into a pencil case or wallet or whatever suits their fancy.

The order forms are organized and easy to understand, and I like that they have brown rice as a healthy option. It was quite funny to see everyone stressing and analyzing over what ingredients and sauce would go with what, but I think that's part of the charm of Maki-san - cooking without getting your hands dirty or having to clean up. The sushi chefs were very efficient, and even though the place was packed we didn't have to wait long before we could collect our food.

While the sushi looks puny for a full meal, it is actually quite filling. However, for those with bigger appetites, I recommend ordering the Mega-San (an option where you can choose more ingredients) and a side dish. The mega-san also enables you to choose one "special" and you can put in things like salmon sashimi, smoked duck etc. Pretty worth it!

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