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Japanese Restaurants P poppy February 07, 2013 1689
Mad, and not in a good way at all.
(Updated: December 13, 2013)
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The wait was horrendous. And I'm not even talking about the ridiculous queue outside. Rather, the wait INSIDE was horrendous, seeing as it took what felt like an eternity for just two orders of sushi to arrive. And I have absolutely no idea what the chefs or waiting staff were doing, working rather furiously behind the counter and hurrying from table to table at whirlwind speed. All that flurry and frenzy of activity, and yet there was not much by way of service except showing customers to their seats, bringing them their drinks, and (falsely and repeatedly) assuring them that food is on the way. And strangely enough, there were at least half a dozen plates of sushi set in front of the counter, and there they sat for about as long an eternity as endured by the hungry (and in a few cases, very angry) customers who were getting visibly restless with every passing second of that horrendous wait. There they sat, those cleanly cut, neatly arranged segments of salmon-wrapped maki, and there they continued to sit as though waiting to draw some flies, when they are merely a drizzle of fat and topping of roe away from serving.

Unfortunately, while the taste wasn't bad at all, it did not compensate for the preposterous and unacceptable waiting time. Yes, there was both unagi and salmon in the maki, and the maki cubes were generously drizzled with a mentaiko-mayo mix and then seared and then topped equally generously with a mound of salmon roe. What could be better than that, one might think. But my verdict is simply this: the fat has overwhelmed the flavour that there is no flavour except that of fat. I could taste neither salmon nor unagi, though I certainly felt them with my tongue; all I get is that cloying richness of the fat and the briny flavour of the salmon roe. The salmon and unagi, their natural flavours, are wasted in this novel, apparently brilliant, but definitely overambitious creation.

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