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Japanese Restaurants P poppy February 07, 2013 1618
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Located at the top of Wisma Atria’s Food Junction, this restaurant may not be very eye-catching, but what do they say? Do not judge a book by its cover! The eatery is known for its SHIOK!!! Maki (yes, that’s the name)

I was quite skeptical about how shiok it could actually be but when I sinked our teeth into this creamy and flavourful maki – gosh, I thank God someone created this dish and then I told my dining partners that this dish sucked so I could have it all to myself. The instant burst of smoky mayo, sweet salmon and savoury unagi (inserts contented sigh) we asked for the waiter and ordered two more servings. (Each serving has 8 individual maki)

The other items on the menu may be average but the SHIOK!!! Maki ($16.80) itself makes the dining experience really worthwhile.

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