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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1562
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But nonetheless!

As me and my friends were staff here, I have helpfully rated 5 stars for our service. That besides, Ichiban Boshi is really a very affordable and value for money restaurant. For the ambiance and variety, I'm surprised it's not more expensive.

While you're here, always order our ice matcha. Do not settle for iced water, it will not do your meal justice. Being the drinks girl before, I can tell you happily that our matcha is from the finest powder and the purest water. A refreshing drink for any day.

Do not bother looking through the tiny menu. Order salmon sashimi, yellowtail, soft shell crab and chawanmushi. I have taken so many orders of these dishes that I'm convinced there is an addictive in them. These are the best sellers and they live up to their name.

For main courses, try anything soup based. Ichiban Boshi is a soup god, they can do no wrong with that. I love the aroma of the rice too. I have spent so many working hours just hopelessly looking at the food and crying on the inside.

Go to a less crowded branch so you have no competition for the sushi and to fully soak in the zen atmosphere of Ichiban. I recommend Centrepoint!

Best Japanese restuarant in town.

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