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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1627
Comfortable, delicious, almost classy.
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The distinction between Ichiban Boshi and its younger brother Ichiban Sushi is clear. For one, its service staff is better trained (or seems to be) and service standards usually are far better here. The ambience I find is also better: dim/warm yellow lighting as opposed to the bright lights that Ichiban Sushi favours - an attempt at bringing across a sense of 'class' that is fairly succesful.

Food wise - Ichiban Boshi is one of my preferred restaurants for Japanese dining (the others being Itacho and Rakuzen). You may wonder why I don't stick to a single restaurant: the answer is that different restaurants have different areas of specialty and you don't want to keep eating the same thing over and over. For Ichiban Boshi, their specialty lies in their set meals which are quite sumptous. Most of them come with Chawanmushi, Rice, Miso Soup, and usually Sashimi. In the absence of the last item, the set usually comes with Soft Shell Crab/Agedashi Tofu/something of similar value instead, usually when the main course already features raw salmon. You can tremendous bang for your buck when ordering their set meals, some of which are large enough to share for two people with relatively small appetites. They also have a large variety of set meals so no matter your preference (i.e. Sukiyaki, Raw Fish, Chicken, Beef, etc) - they've got you covered.

A plus point they have is also their loyalty card where you get a stamp for every $20 you spend. This card can eventually be exchanged for vouchers depending on how far in you are, and you get to redeem free items like Agedashi Tofu and Sashimi along the way as well. Personally, this incentivises me to spend in multiples of 20.

All in all, a solid Japanese restaurant which consistently serves up enjoyable Japanese fare. Sushi is creative (recommended to try "The Peak" and their Salmon Avocado Handroll, both of which are unique to them) and Sashimi fresh. They don't serve free green tea though.

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Marine Parade (Parkway)
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