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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1627
Sashimi For Your Belly & aBudget
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I have a confession. I have a perpetual sashimi craving. It is absolutely insatiable. And absurd high pricings are just too huge a barrier for students to cross. (Oh, I forgot to mention. Japanese cuisine is one of my all-time favourite.)

Ichiban Boshi is absolutely amazing though. They have such fresh food at such affordable prices! Freshness is at its peak especially during peak hours, lunch/dinner period. This is especially so for the sashimi. The inexplicable mix of coolness and tenderness that melts in your mouth is simply astounding for the price you pay.

It might not match-up to higher-end Japanese restaurants in their quality and taste, but for budget-conscious students (or even adults! Singapore is a hell of a money black hole, don't we all know...) like me, it does well. It's definitely better than ready-packed boxes at supermarkets, and I personally think Ichiban Boshi does it better than Sakae, in both quality and service.

Service is impressive. Even during the busiest of peak periods. The staff is always ready with a smile and responds well and efficiently to your requests. Although there are time it takes slightly more effort to get their attention, I do understand that it's impossible to keep-up with customers' unending demands. And their politeness and promptness upon your request makes up for it too. So on the overall, their service ranks well in my charts.

Ichiban Boshi is definitely my topmost option when I have a Japanese craving to curb. ^_^

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