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Ichiban Boshi is a Japanese concept restaurant, no 2 outlets are similar in menu, ambience, and service. What is similar across the board for Ichiban Boshi restaurants is their commitment to use the freshest ingredients, simplicity in preparation and presentation, and reasonably priced and affordable Japanese cuisine.

Ambience is part of the concept of Ichiban Boshi, and revolves around transporting the diner to a locale in Japan. Decor and furniture could range from simple, to modern contemporary, to traditional. All Ichiban Boshi outlets feature a conveyor sushi belt as the center showpiece, behind which the various chefs go about their work. Part of their appeal is also the takeaway Sushi counter, prominently displayed outside Ichiban Boshi outlets, which are colourful and attractive.

Service at most Ichiban Boshi outlets are fast and efficient, though consistency of staff alertness and initiative differ greatly. Junior staff may sometimes struggle with menu knowledge, while experienced staff are very well versed in it. Staff are also trained to check on how your meal is going, and ask for feedback.

Food at Ichiban Boshi focuses mainly on Japanese sushi, sashimi, seafood, hot pots, and katsu. Quality and freshness of ingredients across all Ichiban Boshi is very good, and prices are reasonable for the high quality. Dishes are mostly tasty and flavourful, with the natural taste of ingredients as a highlight. Takeaways also tend to hold up well for 1 - 2 hours, though sushi is best consumed as soon as possible. Each Ichiban Boshi outlet also has a particular speciality, which means ordering the same items elsewhere gets you a lower quality, but still passable dish. Highly recommended to order the outlet's speciality, and skip those items that aren't.

The Chasoba With Inari Bean Skin features green tea infused soba noodles. The sweet bean skin lends a burst of flavour to the overall dish.

Hands down the most terrible dish here, the Chawanmushi is lacking in taste and presentation appeal. Highly recommended to avoid this.

The Chicken Katsu is meaty and juicy, with crisp battered skin. Well fried, but the skin is too thick and fatty for my liking, fortunately it's easy to remove.

Simple and uncomplicated, the Unagi Sandwich - BBQ Eel, Egg, Seaweed is a delight to eat, as what you see is what you taste.

There is a wide variety of Sushi here, all made fresh daily. Extremely popular in their takeaway counters, and at closing times, when all remaining Sushi is sold at discounted prices.

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Chicken Katsu
Hand Roll Smoked Duck
Chasoba With Inari Bean Skin
Unagi Sandwich - BBQ Eel, Egg, Seaweed
Salmon Tataki
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