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Japanese Restaurants B bojio March 09, 2013 106
Go for their Katsu Curry Don
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I have revisited the outlet at Ion Orchard Food Hall several times, faithfully ordered my favourite dish there which is their Katsu Curry Don (both the black pork and the chicken katsu are nice)

Their Katsu are nice, really nice. Very crispy on the outside and the texture is smooth and great. The black pork katsu is especially tender and succulent. The curry isn't spicy so anybody can enjoy the Japanese curry at ease. If by any chance, you do not like curry, you can opt for their Katsu Don that do away with the curry but includes the same katsu cutlet. The tonkatsu ramen's soup base was too salty for me to handle, so I gave it a pass after trying it.

The price is quite affordable for a japanese restaurant, one normal main course wouldn't go over $20. I would visit again if I have a craving for katsu.

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Ion Orchard
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