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Japanese Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 851
Casual Japanese dining at its best!
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My family of 4 arrived at Sakuraya (WCP) at about 7.30pm on a normal Friday night, and had to queue for about 20 minutes before we got our table. The place was so packed! However, due to the fast-paced vibe the place gives off, customers usually eat and leave quite fast. The wait was bearable too as my parents were busy choosing the sashimi from the counter while I queued haha.

This is definitely the place to come for fresh and unpretentious sashimi! You choose how much you want; something like buying meat from supermarkets, you get to pick the exact slab that is prepacked (with the price stated there). I love this concept as I loveeee salmon sashimi more than the other kinds so I get to pick a bigger slab of salmon and etc etc. I see it as more worth it than going to either Sushi Tei of Sakae and getting 5 to 7 miserable slices of sashimi and about $10.
Their salmon sashimi is really good. The best I have eaten! It's really tender and soft and sweet as well.

Besides the sashimi, they serve other really good food off their menu as well! They are:
1) Potato croquette (awesome!)
2) Avocado unagi maki (must have!!)
3) Soup udon (I like the soup base)

It's a casual eatery so my family felt really comfortable and given by the amount of food we ordered, the price was really reasonable!

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