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Thumbs Up for Smoked Duck Pizza
(Updated: May 14, 2014)
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If you are craving for a freshly made pizza, Twoface Pizza & Taproom definitely cater to your needs! According to their staff, smoked duck and 2 face pizza are their signature pizzas! Therefore, I listened to their advice and ordered the smoked duck thin crust pizza along with ha chong gai and their homemade ice lemon tea. Waited quite long yet I didn’t whine (mainly due to the expectation of good pizza requires more time haha).

Their ha chong gai standard would be equivalent to outsides’ tze char standard. They might even win them in terms of taste and crispiness. After eating this, here comes our smoked duck!! YAY! I was famished when it arrived. Their thin crust pizza is just nice, though some areas of my pizza are slightly burned but I couldn’t complain more about savouring the smashed garlic and duck in my mouth. By far, the nicest freshly made pizza I’ve ever eaten.

*Just some tips, smashed the garlic and spread it around the slice of pizza, would make it taste better then eating it as a whole. Also, this place only open after 5pm.

Lastly, take note that you have to order the food you want at the counter. If you are coming alone, do it the Singaporean way of putting your tissue packets on the tables. However, my best advice would be to come here with you friends. The more the merrier. Good Food comes along with good company. *

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Smoked Duck Pizza
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