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Italian Restaurants M mummyg January 28, 2013 515
Cheap escargot fix
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By now, I guess this place would be well-known for its cheap escargots ($5.90!!!). Besides serving it's famed baked escargots, it also serves a range of Italian food like pastas, baked rice, pizzas and sides. Most of the items on the menu are below $10, with sides as low as $1.90 and pastas from $4.90. I've been there twice and the first time, I tried the pizza and the chicken chop and sad to say, it wasn't very nice. The pizza dough felt like hard bread, the sauce and toppings tasted too processed and "fake". The chicken chop was overcooked and tough. For the price I am paying, I guess that is the quality I am getting. I wasn't too disappointed but if you are not too picky with food, it will be alright.

The escargots does taste great though!!! It was served to us piping hot, with lots of garlic in it. On my second visit, I just ordered the escargot and some focaccia to wipe the garlic oil with. Simple, nice and cheap. The escargots are sweet, chewy and are definitely comparable to the more expensive ones that you are paying outside. Saizeriya does not charge service tax and GST but their service is still friendly and efficient. I will recommend this place for a cheap Italian food fix (only if you are not picky with food quality) and a cheap escagots fix, which is what I will be coming here for whenever I do visit.
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