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Italian Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 221
Brunetti Junior
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I was initially extremely excited upon knowing the opening of the Brunetti outlet in Singapore. Being an avid pastry fan myself I absolutely loved the handmade pastries when I tried it from the original store in Melbourne. However, my excitement was short-lived, as I found myself rather disappointed with the quality of the pastry that they served.

The pastries looked lovely under the orange lighting and the place was done up really nicely to resemble an elegant english pastry cafe. The place is self-serviced so customers have to pick up their own food from the counters. The pastries are served immediately after choosing them off the glass-paneled display shelves. Despite its petite appearance and vibrant colours, the pastry tasted nothing like what it looked it. It was too dry on the inside and the pastries were slightly too hard for my liking. To my dismay the cream had even hardened into a chocolate cube. The ice cream and coffee standards however, thankfully, were still kept close in comparison to the ones I had in Melbourne which was just all too delicious.

Perhaps it was due to the previous high expectations being set by the original store that I had been to, as I personally would not favour this place if I am after mouth-watering pastries. The other items on the menu could be worth trying though if one is in the area, as the place is really quite pretty for an elegant afternoon.
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