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Italian Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 221
Heavenly goodness!
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I love the place here! I came here with my mum for our weekly Saturday breakfast one morning. It was a pity I did not get to try the deserts in the morning because they looked really tasty and delicious.

I tried the eggs benedict, while my mum got some muesli. The servings were really huge, I felt incredibly full after completing my meal. The poached eggs were tasty, and the yolk was extremely yolky. However, I was not too fond with the Hollandaise sauce used as it paired together with the bread did not taste good. The muesli my mum had tried was pretty good too. Apart from the good food, I liked the ambience of the place. It was quiet and was the perfect place for me and my mum to have a long catch-up session.

I will definitely be back here again to try the heavenly looking desert soon!
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