Waroeng Penyet

I August 10, 2012
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Waroeng Penyet

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A restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian Ayam Penyet.


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(Updated: September 21, 2012)
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I happened to spot Waroeng Penyet situated right opposite Parco Bugis. It was advertising authentic Indonesian Ayam Penyet. In the mood for something traditional and spicy, I leapt at the chance to sample the Ayam Penyet at this eatery. It was a weekday afternoon, and the eatery was practically empty. The interior of this eatery is well-lit, clean and well-maintained. I ordered the Ayam Penyet and a side dish of their Kangkung Belacan.

To my surprise, I was told that I had to pay an extra $0.50 for a serving of rice! I've eaten Ayam Penyet at various locations all across our island, and not once have I experienced the rice being sold seperately. Waiting time for my food to arrive was reasonably fast, and the service staff were all polite and handled the food properly. I eagerly took a dab of the sambal , which we all know is the essence of any good Ayam Penyet dish, and mixed it with the rice and a crispy bit of chicken thigh and took my first taste. To say that I was disappointed is perhaps an understatement.

The sambal could hardly be called spicy, and the Ayam Penyet was obviously not prepared in the authentic style, rather, it was just a fried chicken thigh. There was obviously nothing authentic or defining about the dish in front of me. I instantly felt a surge of disappointment. Upon further tasting, I knew that there was no saving grace for this Ayam Penyet. I found that the Kangkung Belacan was too soggy for my liking and there was no flavour at all. Perhaps their other dishes are of a better quality. I, for one, would definitely hope so.

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